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There is an urgent need for new and better therapies that improve health outcomes and quality of life.

There is also the critical need for personal connection to help the patient feel more informed, educated and supported—and that their voice is heard.

Unitio is a nonprofit organization who has the expertise, proprietary real-world research platform and successful track record to build engaged patient communities and connect them with those researching disease.

Put simply, we unite those affected by disease with those dedicated to advancing better care and treatments to create a faster path to improved outcomes. How? By providing efficient ways to organize, support, and engage patients, while elevating their voices and experiences to drive real-world research discoveries.

  • Organize: Unitio organizes communities that put patients and caregivers at the center of a comprehensive ecosystem of researchers, clinicians and industry.
  • Support: Unitio provides patients the opportunity to easily connect with others like them, touched by disease, so they can share wisdom and find support through peer-to-peer interaction—all while informing research.
  • Engage: A community is more than a visitor to a website. Unitio builds programs and strategies that help motivate patients to become active and engaged participants, resulting in a community that supports one another and allows those affected the most by disease to contribute to the research process.
  • Discover: Patient participants are the key to the discovery process.  By connecting patients directly with research, Unitio provides new ways to gather patient reported data and health experiences while also driving more efficient study recruitment.

At Unitio, our expertise is creating an engaged, activated patient and caregiver base who shares learnings and participates in research—all to improve outcomes and care.