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Today, therapies take too long and cost too much to develop, leaving America’s nearly 117 million patients with chronic disease and 23.5 million with autoimmune disease facing unmet needs and great financial burden tied to their conditions.

We need to find ways to accelerate the development of better therapies—and to reduce costs while doing it.

Unitio is a first-of-its-kind nonprofit offering a business model designed to close these gaps and, ultimately, improve patients’ lives more quickly.

Our offerings include:

The CARE™ Platform

Unitio’s Community Application for Research and Engagement (CARE) platform is a secure, turnkey platform that enables a community to connect, share and participate in research. CARE provides a strong technology foundation and customizable tools that enable organizations with a disease- or health condition-specific focus a way to gather, analyze and disseminate important patient-reported health data to advance research.  In addition to participating in real-time research projects and studies, the platform brings together patients and caregivers in an engaging way to support, empower, and educate one another.

Learn how the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is building a patient-drive research community using CARE.

Full Service Community Building and Management

Many health and disease-focused organizations have well-developed operations that focus on development, funding, and research. Yet, engaging participants in a robust community that drives research remains challenging. Unitio can take the lead in formulating and executing a full-service strategy to build and sustain an active, engaged community.

Learn about Glu, the type 1 diabetes community built and managed by Unitio.

Creating a Collaborative Research Model

Unitio has deep experience building an integrated research model that can provide researchers with seamless access to the resources they need to conduct more informed research faster, including patient data and insights, biosamples, and a network of research and care clinics.

Learn about T1D Exchange, an organization driving faster, better research across the type 1 landscape.