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Unitio is uniting patients, families, clinicians, researchers  and industry to accelerate innovation, drive discovery and the speed the delivery of new therapies. We have worked with many organizations including advocacy, academic and commercial to help create connected, patient-driven research.

T1D Exchange

T1D Exchange was born out of the need to build a dynamic, multi-purpose, real-world patient data platform in type 1 diabetes. To help researchers overcome the many obstacles required to accelerate all aspects of drug and device development, T1D Exchange built a model that includes access to aggregated clinical, biological, patient-reported outcomes and electronic health record data, all while fostering collaboration among patients, physicians, researchers and industry.

The model includes the following components:

  • CARE platform for people touched by type 1 diabetes, called Glu (www.myglu.org). Currently consisting of over 15,000 participants (and growing) from the type 1 community who find peer-to-peer support experiential learning, educational material, and access to a wide variety of real-time and clinical research opportunities.
  • Clinic Network of more than 230 collaborating clinicians and coordinators from over 75 pediatric and adult sites in the US, which sees more than 150,000 unique type 1 diabetes patients. The network supports a wide variety of academic and industry studies and trials.
  • Clinic Registry comprising more than 150 patient parameters, including both patient-reported and electronic health record data from over 26 000 type 1 diabetes patients ranging in age, at the time of enrollment, from under 1 to 93 years. Participants span a wide range of demographic parameters, socioeconomic statuses and care regimens. The Registry has become the most credible type 1 diabetes data set in the US.
  • Biorepository with biosamples from 2,000 unique participants with clinical, demographic and study-derived information and an additional 2,000 Living Biobank consented individuals who support research requests that can’t be met through the existing biorepository collection.

Through T1D Exchange, Unitio is demonstrating that its single-access model is, in fact, dramatically improving the speed and success of study development, patient recruitment and study execution. Since 2009, T1D Exchange has gone from a vision to a widely recognized resource in the type 1 diabetes medical and research community globally.


Glu (myglu.org), is built and maintained by Unitio using the CARE platform.  Since 2012, the platform has been the backbone for the Glu community—a community of people touched by type 1 diabetes (T1D). Data and insights from the Glu community have been utilized by investigators from academia, industry and nonprofit organizations to explore and understand a wide range of diabetes related topics..  In addition, Glu has also been used to successfully recruit study participants for several observational studies and rescue two industry studies and one NIH funded study that could not meet study recruitment goals.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is launching a CARE community to offer a vibrant sharing of information among those living with blood cancer. The platform will also be used to discover trends and insights about blood cancer and the cancer experience—research that will help improve care and help find cures .