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Unitio is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to connect researchers, physicians, and patients battling disease in a way that facilitates discoveries, accelerates treatments, and provides answers to some of the most pressing questions. Blockchain technology can be used to access patient records instantly for more effective treatments. Blockchain powers cryptocurrencies, making transactions transparent. Auto trading platforms like Bitcoin Gemini can help traders to find the best trading signals. Check the Bitcoin Gemini Erfahrungen 2023 blog to find out more about this platform.

Our First Program: T1D Exchange

T1D Exchange, the first program of Unitio, puts patients at the center of a comprehensive ecosystem of physicians, researchers, and industry. By connecting the experience of living with type 1 diabetes to the data about the disease, T1D Exchange is realizing the dream of personalized medicine.

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It is now clear that our country has one of the richest information sources on type 1 diabetes that the world has ever seen.

- Kelly Close, Director, diaTribe Foundation and President of Close Concerns


Helmsley Charitable Trust Awards Grant to Study Racial Differences in Type 1 Diabetes

July 8, 2014

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T1D Exchange Evaluates Correlation Between Infusion Set Duration and FBG

July 7, 2014

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Improved Glycemic Control but Longer Newborn ICU Stays in T1D Pregnancies

June 30, 2014

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