Unitio was founded on the premise that finding faster, better therapies for disease requires an innovative model as multi-faceted as disease itself. Put simply, we act as a convener of the thousands of people working to improve patient outcomes already—by connecting them to one another and to their patient communities at large.

Our nonprofit organization has created a real-world, patient engagement platform designed to accelerate all aspects of drug and device development via an integrated system of people and institutions already working hard to decode different parts of complex diseases.

Unitio’s MyGlu platform helps your disease group:

  • Organize: The MyGlu platform acts as a convener of everyone interested in tackling a particular disease. Connecting patients and caregivers with scientists and researchers lends power to your search for a cure—regardless of how large or small your disease community might be. The platform also offers online donation capabilities, which means that your disease community can realize its fundraising goals more efficiently and effectively than ever.
  • Support: Unitio’s signature MyGlu platform enables patients and caregivers of any disease to support, empower, and educate one another via discussion, participation in real-time research, and access to resources and information. But beyond the support that comes from within the online community itself, Unitio is also uniquely positioned to evolve the tools and technology needed to keep your community viable and affordable over time.
  • Characterize: Perhaps the most important benefit of the MyGlu platform is the ability to deeply define who it is that lives within your disease community. An online registry, leveraged in combination with a robust online patient community, give scientists and researchers the ability to target potential participants for new trials, studies, and therapies in unprecedented ways.
  • Discover: Scientific discoveries occur in laboratories every day, and yet, human experience is the most fertile laboratory of all. The MyGlu platform accelerates research and the path to a better life by tapping patients living with disease directly.